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We Seamlessly Migrate Your Company to Cloud Communications

CBA Solutions simplifies your migration from telco to Cloud Communications. Our comprehensive integration services take the risk out of this complicated process, while keeping your internal IT staff focused on your business goals. Our 25+ years experience means you’ll enjoy the benefits of Cloud services quickly and seamlessly. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. 

Our migration services are available for both enterprise communications (UCaaS) and inbound / outbound customer communications (CCaaS). You’ll have peace-of-mind while saving time, money, and internal resources.

How We Help

Cloud Partner Selection

UCaaS Migrations (Phone, Video, Messaging)

CCaaS Migrations (Customer Communications)

API Integrations

Global Project Management

We implement your migrations and integrations on time and within budget. Then you can enjoy the cost-savings of Cloud communications faster and hassle-free.

Comprehensive approach for Risk-free Migrations

Our services allow you to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Communications without the technical headaches. We provide end-to-end services, which means 100% satisfaction.

Cloud Partner Selection

While top Cloud providers offer similar services, how each integrates with your existing enterprise systems becomes complex. Because we work with multiple Cloud providers, we know the pros and cons of each system and will provide an unbiased recommendation.

Why Choose Us?  We…

  • Are certified integrators with key Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” providers, so you’ll get best-in-class services.
  • Consider your unique requirements: communication and collaboration needs, integration needs, cloud infrastructure, connectivity needs, global presence, pricing, and support levels.
  • Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of each provider, including planned innovations.
  • Are YOUR partner.. so we choose the best provider based on your unique requirements.
  • Work with the provider and your strategic sourcing and IT departments to finalize the deals.

UCaaS Migrations (Phone, Video, Messaging)

More than 50% of companies plan to migrate to unified communications in the next 2 years. While Cloud providers offer some technical guidance, most cannot deliver on the integration complexities that arise. We are experts at ensuring your business communications will be migrated fully and successfully. 

Why Choose Us?  We…

  • Partner with “Magic Quadrant” providers, including 8×8, Ring Central, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Have deep experience moving companies to Cloud Services, including Fortune 100.

CCaaS Migrations (Customer Communications)

As more business goes online, integrating customer communications becomes imperative. Your service reps will seamlessly communicate both inbound and outbound (message, phone, video, and more). We will migrate your multiple systems to a best-in-class Cloud provider. This is a high-stakes transition that requires technical expertise for a smooth switch.

Why Choose Us?  We…

How Does this Benefit You?

  • Reduces wait times, as inbound customers are queued to the right person for the job.
  • Improves agent productivity with campaign-specific outbound dialers.
  • Increases satisfaction and sales as you engage customers across digital channels, with integrated email, text, or social media. 

API Integrations

As expert integrators, we design a migration plan that will integrate your existing systems with Cloud Services. Our technical expertise means we will solve the complexity and build a sustainable system. We integrate with over 50 different enterprise applications. So, if you’re working with SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Slack, we have you covered.

Why Choose Us?  We…

  • Have over 25+ years experience integrating technology systems to work together.

How Does this Benefit You?

  • Gives you peace of mind that all your enterprise software will work effectively with your new Cloud Communications services.
  • Expands how your employees connect and collaborate.

Global Project Management

We have experience with Fortune 500 clients, which means we have successfully migrated complex systems globally. 

Why Choose Us?  We…

  • Coordinate the whole migration project, including dealing with all your global locations.
  • Offer strategic sourcing expertise.
  • Manage local vendors and technology resources.
  • Integrate all your disparate systems.
  • Bring your project in on budget and on time.

How Does this Benefit You?

  • Relieves the strain on your internal resources and need for complicated coordination across time zones.
  • Mitigates the need to hire specialty expertise globally.
  • Saves you time and money.

Integration with Enterprise Applications

We make sure that all your enterprise applications will work with the new Cloud Communications services. Therefore, you will experience the full benefits: cost savings, more effective collaboration, and higher employee satisfaction.

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Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Pipedrive CRM Integration


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