We Deliver Managed

IT Services

We Deliver Technical Expertise

CBA Solutions offers a variety of technical services to help organizations optimize their business processes. For instance, expertise includes designing, building, maintaining, and updating services to handle critical software, hardware, and network issues. Above all, we make it easy for non-technical clients to understand what we are doing and the best solutions available. 

Our Technical Services

Networks and Infrastructure

We setup and support networks and infrastructures. For example, this provides effective communication and service between users, applications, services, and devices.

Managed Support Services

Our experts continuously support and administer networks, applications, infrastructure, and security via your company’s data center (hosting) or through a third-party data center.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

We offer services to partially or fully manage your Cloud platform. Namely, this includes migration, maintenance, and optimization.

Managed Software as a Service (SaaS)

These services free customers from onsite networks. As a result, applications can be run over the internet. Services include setup, support, and building custom applications.

Migration Services to Cloud Communications

We help you select the right partner and then move teleco to cloud communications, including phone, video, chat, contact centers, and more.

Application Integration

Our IT specialists enable independently designed applications to work together. For example, we develop a single user interface or application service.

Data Analytics

We help automate the gathering and analysis of raw data from multiple sources. As a result,  businesses have information from a variety of systems to easily draw insights and make conclusions to drive business decisions.

Managed Wireless and Mobile Computing

We setup, support, and maintain technologies that don’t need physical connections. For instance, this allows transmission of data, voice, and video via a computer or any other wireless-enabled device.

Managed Security

Our technical experts setup, manage, and support cyber security needs through a systematic approach.

“CBA Solutions can do it all. They moved us from legacy systems onto the Cloud, including our VOIP and enterprise software. As a result, our lives are so much easier. And, we save a lot of money each month.” – Government Services Client