Transition to Cloud Communications with Confidence.

We seamlessly move your telco services to Cloud Communications (Phone, Video, Messaging, Contact Centers, and more).

We Work At the intersection between you and technology

Are you planning to migrate your telco systems to Cloud Communications to improve employee productivity and save money? We provide all the technical expertise so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right partner or draining your IT resources. You’ll have the comfort of a smooth transition to best-in-class Cloud Communications for UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service). Most importantly, you get our “white glove” customer experience, where we seamlessly solve complex problems for you. 


Strategic Sourcing

We break through the sales talk to choose the right provider for your requirements. Because we are certified partners with key “Magic Quadrant” providers, we offer unbiased recommendations. As a result, you’ll get the most cost-effective solution for your current and future needs.

Migration Services

Once you choose a provider, we do all the heavy lifting. Rather than over-burden your internal IT resources, our IT master will fast-track your migration. We will review your technical architecture, then work with both internal resources and external vendors, and finally execute the implementation. Above all else, we are master problem solvers.

Ongoing Partnership

We are your Expert-on-Call. As your needs evolve, we will always be available. Whether you need additional API integrations or want to expand your Cloud Communications services, we have you covered. Likewise, we provide strategic CIO consultation services for companies without large IT departments.

Why Choose US?

With over 25+ years experience, our Master Integrators agilely move from system architect to vendor negotiator to implementer. We work with a wide variety of clients that have small to robust IT departments. Companies choose us because we solve complex issues; meanwhile,  your internal staff stays focused on your business operations. We accelerate the process by managing the project completely. As a result, you get peace of mind while the migration stays within budget and on time.  


Solve Complex Requirements

Vast Network of Resources

Certified Partners with Key Providers

5-Step Comprehensive Process

Cost-Effective Services

Our Cloud Communications partners

Migrate with confidence and security. All of our solution providers have been awarded Gartner’s 2020 “Magic Quadrant” status. As a result, you will receive best-in-class services. We work with you to determine which provider makes the most sense, given your unique Cloud Communications needs. In short, call us to handle your migration needs, both UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service).

Migrating to the Right Partner

.”We started to look for our own provider, but we quickly got overwhelmed with sales calls. They all seem to have the same offerings, and they all say they can do what we need. But which one will actually provide the right services for our needs … at the best price and service level?”

Client's Biggest Pain Point

We Select the Best-Fit Partner Based on Your Needs and Budget

Firstly, during the intake process, we will assess your existing services, gather your requirements, and explore critical pain points. Secondly, we work with you to choose the right partner that will best reduce these issues. For instance, this could include a higher need for collaboration tools, as more employees work remotely during Covid-19 restrictions. Or, you may want to transform your call center into a fully integrated system, with live operators, video chat, messaging, and more. Ultimately, there are many ways Cloud Services will increase workforce productivity while strengthening customer relationships.   

To sum up, here are some of the services that different Cloud Services provide:

  • Business Phone integrated globally without local telecom expenses
  • Team messaging and collaboration
  • Videoconferencing and webinars
  • Contact center
  • Fax
  • Open APIs to embed in any application
  • AI-driven analytics
  • Secure and reliable service
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Our Comprehensive Process

Our 5-step process ensures your migration will happen smoothly and follow all security protocols. 

    1. Assess your current and future needs and gather your requirements.
    2. Recommend the best solution provider (best value for your needs).
    3. Design how the migration will integrate with the complexity of your IT infrastructure and identify potential issues before they happen.
    4. Execute the implementation, including expert integration with enterprise apps, and manage all the resources (vendors, strategic sourcing, internal resources, etc.).
    5. Offer ongoing and ad hoc support as needed.

Our Clients


We are proud of our 100% satisfaction record. Above all, we strive to over-deliver and provide exceptional value. As a result, we become a trusted partner.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service
  2. Deep Knowledge and Expertise
  3. Complex Problem Solving
  4. Patience and Integrity
  5. High Value

Brandon brings expert engineering knowledge and business sense to every client engagement. He is adept at both evaluating and implementing advanced telephony systems. Most importantly, he can distill complex technical areas into understandable, actionable tasks. He is versatile and can implement the tasks himself or support a team that performs them.

Brandon is an executive-level systems/solutions engineer who is comfortable working at all levels of an organization. In addition, his attention to detail and sense of urgency allow him to complete tasks and overcome obstacles.

- Fortune 1000 Technology Company

CBA Solutions has been a great find. We’ve been working with them for over five years, and we trust them 100%. They always ask the right questions so we can make the right decisions for our company. Most importantly, the customer service is exceptional.

- Government Services Company